Since establishing local operations in Oltre il Colle in January 2015, we are very pleased to have secured the trust and strong support of the local communities and authorities, ensuring at all times that our company conducts all activities in the highest professional manner. We understand the importance placed on the Gorno Zinc Project by the local communities and are excited to witness the economic growth in the region as a result of the project, including the creation of local jobs.

Our local staff and contractors have been highly valuable members of our growing team. We have benefited enormously from their local knowledge and hard work, and we look forward to future employment prospects that will accompany the necessary expansion of our team as the project continues to develop.

"With the appearance of this important company, we have had our spirits lifted because, along with my council members, we immediately realised the potential benefits to the local community… In brief, a series of social and economic advantages are becoming evident. "

"We are sure of the positive aspects that come with reopening of these mines, particularly in the employment sector…. I am convinced that the reopening will be a success and, as a Gorno citizen, I am glad that this mining activity will be put into action because it will bring many benefits to the population. "

- Valerio Carrara, Mayor of Oltre il Colle

- Giampiero Calegari, Mayor of Gorno

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